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Signing Ceremony on 20 July 2022: Ms. Fetty Kwartati, President of PT Sarinah (second from left), Mr. Alan Nam, Chairman of Averte (second from right), Mr. Steve Chan, Regional Director of Averte (first from right)

Introduction of Averte Global PTE Ltd

Averte Global PTE Ltd (Averte), the parent company of PT Averte International Technology, is a Green Lifestyle Advocate; the naming of Averte is from two French words “Asie”, “Verte” which means Green Asia. Through PT Averte International Technology, Averte is going to offer innovative and impactful green products, services, and experiences that enhance people’s green lifestyle in the Republic of Indonesia. Currently, Averte has three product divisions namely, (i) “Green Mobility” for e-MotoBike, EV taxi and mobile EV batteries, (ii) “Green Wellness” for eco-friendly fire extinguishers and metaverse accessories, (iii) “Green Energy” for energy efficiency equipment and systems.

Introduction of PT Sarinah

Founded in 1962, PT Sarinah (Persero) is a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) engaged in the retail and trade sector. Sarinah has played an important role as a channel for the nation’s creative industry players to display their best works and products to the public. Sarinah’s business scope is ranging from distribution, property, hospitality, export-import, and foreign exchange to F&B. Sarinah has developed various strategic plans to encourage the growth of domestic creative industries at the national and global level.

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