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【News】Indonesia Shopping Mall Merchants and Tenants Association (HIPPINDO)

A Sarinah tkil Averte Indonesia develops a “Smart City and Green Exchange” development plan for Indonesia. This is reflected in the memorandum of understanding signed by both parties on July 20, 2022.

To further introduce and promote the program, Averte Indonesia first showcased electric motorcycles (e-MotorBikes), batteries, charging stations and solar panels at the Green Technology Pavilion at the Retail Indonesia Summit 2022 to support the "smart" Various products of the "Cities and Green Transport" program.

HIPPINDO chairman Budihardjo Iduansjah said, "We welcome this 'smart city green transportation' project as it can reduce air pollution and help the government reduce fuel subsidies. This is in line with HIPPPINDO's work plan related to environmental protection and cooperation with the government .

Furthermore, in line with Liu Dewei's opinion, Fetty Kwartati, president of PT Sarinah, said, "The Smart Green City initiative is in line with Sarinah's mission to support the Sustainable Development Goals to improve "people's well-being, maintain environmental quality and improve quality of life."

Averte Indonesia Representative, Chief Operating Officer Nicholas Chong said, "We are proud to welcome HIPPINDO and Sarinah to the Better Planet Initiative and to support Indonesia's government initiative 'Smart Cities and Green Transportation' to contribute to Indonesia's economic growth. "

About Averte Global Pte Ltd

Averte Global Pte Ltd (Averte), the parent company of PT Averte International Technology (Averte Indonesia), focuses on green lifestyles; Averte named after two French words

"Asie", "Verte" means green Asia. Through PT Averte International Technology, Averte will provide innovative and impactful eco-friendly products, services and experiences to enhance the green lifestyles of its people.


Introduction of HIPPINDO

The Himpunan Peritel & Penyewa Pusat Perbelanjaan Indonesia (HIPPINDO), “The Association of Indonesian Shopping Center Retailers & Tenants” in English, was established on 8 June 2016, with an aim to advance the business of all related parties in the increasingly dynamic retail world, from micro to large-scale business owners who operate outlets or shopping centers. Currently, HIPPINDO has over 250 member companies covering more 500 retail brands and 80,000 outlets in Indonesia. Through HIPPINDO’s close cooperation between shopping center tenants, the shopping centers, and the government, the economy of the retail sector can be further enhanced, and all related stakeholders will enjoy well-balanced and great benefits together.

Introduction of the Indonesia Retail Summit

Organized by the Association of Retailers and Shopping Center Tenants (Hippindo) together with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) and the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag), the Indonesia Retail Summit is held on August 15-16, 2022 in Sarinah, Jakarta. This event signifies the Government and Hippindo’s joint effort to restore the retail sector which had been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic for the past 2 years. There are over 3,000 attendees enrolled in the Summit and 80% of them are C-level decision-makers from more than 50 countries.

【本报讯】印尼商场商 户与租户协会(HIPPINDO)

A Sarinah tkil Averte Indonesia 对印尼发展“智慧 城市和绿色交”发展计划。 这体现在 2022年7月20日双 方签署的谅解备忘录上。

为了进一步介绍和推广 该计划,在2022年印尼零售 「峰会上,Averte Indonesia首 先在绿色科技馆展示了电动 摩托车(e-MotorBike)、电 「池、充电站和太阳能电池板 等以支持“智慧城市和绿色 交通”计划的各种产品。

HIPPINDO主席刘德伟 (Budihardjo Iduansjah ) 说,“我们欢迎这‘智慧城 市绿色交通’项目,因为 它可以减少空气污染,并帮 助政府减少燃料补贴。这符 合 HIPPIND0与环境保护相 关的工作计划以及与政府的 合作。

此外,与刘德伟的看法一致 , PT Sarinah 總裁 Fetty Kwartati 说,“智慧绿色城 市计划符合 Sarinah 的使命 支持可持续发展目标,以改 「善人们的福利,保持环境质 量并改善生活质量。”

印尼 Averte 代表,首席 运营官 Nicholas Chong 说, “我们很自豪 HIPPINDO 和 Sarinah 欢迎为我们的地球 更美好计划,并支持印尼的 政府计划‘智慧城市和绿色 交通’,为印尼的经济增长 做出贡献。”

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