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Frozen at C by Chilled Water



Our technical expert BOCA, established in 1992, is one of the very few companies in the world specialized in the production and application of Phase Change Materials (PCM) that can store and use thermal energy. For decades we have been devoting our all-out effort to developing practical, highly efficient thermal energy storage technology.

Having been through tens of thousand times of experiments we invented the patented BOCA Phase Change Material – Thermal Energy Storage (BocaPCM-TES) & related production expertise, which let us able to apply PCM in Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) projects. We also develop new technology of artificial intelligence to further optimize chiller plant operations.

Besides, BIL also develops and sells PCM for various temperature-controlled applications from ultracold storage to thermal logistics.

Boca's efforts are rewarded by achieving great success in saving amazing levels of energy from projects at home and aboard. We are much delighted to be able to contribute to the well-being of our environment.

Our unmatched and pioneering invention has also garnered a wide array of international recognition that entitled us with a leading and significant position in the field of research, design, production, industrial engineering and application of Phase Change Materials.


How Efficient?

In this system “Hybrid Power” refers to the fact that it magically combines the use of normal electrical energy and the thermal energy stored in the TES tank.

That’s why it can save unmatched and extraordinary levels of energy.

Common HVAC systems in the market usually suffer from low energy efficiency. Their Coefficient of Performance (COP), a common industrial index for the measurement of energy efficiency level is always under 4.0, which means they are wasting too much electricity during the operation of the whole chiller system including chiller plants, pipework and pumps. Don’t miss to see how Boca’s new energy-saving chiller system can achieve a COP of 7.0 for the whole HVAC system!


Energy Efficiency Chiller System with PCM-TES System Blue Print

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